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fabric sneak peek!

I'm stepping it up and working my fanny off to come up with something really great in the way of handbags... here's a peek of what I'm working with!


one bichon frise coming up

spring fever!

As requested, I've been working on these beautiful shoulder bags!  I've been toting mine around for weeks, and I must say- it's light and wonderful!  I carry lots of extra things with my two boys... snacks, pacis, toys.... and this bag totes it all but still looks fashionable.  Although they take quite a bit of time to make, I'm selling them fairly cheap compared to other "hobo handbags/shoulder bags" because I WANT people to buy them and use them!
I've named them The Jessabelle Hobo Handbag!


learning handbags can be seeeew frustrating!

Check out this beauty I made last night!  It's lined and functional- much better than the one I've been toting around for a day that I made on a "whim!" It's now on Etsy for sale! I love, love this fabric and since I wear a lot of jeans and solid color tops, this makes the perfect accessory!


busy hands make a happy heart!

I've been steadily sewing this week!  Even broke out my sewing machine to attempt a handbag (with no pattern... which is normally how I function) and it turned out "okay."  Don't know that I'll be making anymore of those without a pattern!

Okay, and as for the pups- 2 Cocker Spaniels, 2 Golden Retrievers, and 2 Pugs are complete!  Still have to finish sewing up the Bichon Frise for a very special person (and she was right, it was probably the hardest one to do so far!).

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