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illegal beagle

This one might be my favorite so far!  It's a crime to be this cute!


doxie 2

Since my original sold so fast, I made it a priority to get a second Dachshund back up for sale!


black labrador

Just finished a Black Labrador today and I'm putting it up on Etsy to join the other 2 labs!  Last night I publicly announced my FB fan page, blog, and Etsy shop and this morning uploaded some pups for sale... the Dachshund below went in 8 minutes :)  Guess I need to get busy finishing my other 3 Dachshunds!


bittersweet doxie

My first Dachshund is complete, and although this one isn't the same coloring as my beautiful Genie girl, I sobbed a little making it.  As I said in my earlier post about why I wanted to start doing this, I AM truly enjoying making these one-of-a-kind pups and hope that each person who purchases one in honor or in memory of a special pup in their life enjoys it as much as I do.  Dogs (and kitties!) hold special places in the hearts of animal lovers and always will!

oh my dear, cute cavaliers!

I have just had so much fun with these Cavaliers!  It must be because I know one, but I honestly think it is just because they are such pretty dogs!  I tried to do two different kinds in addition to my original Bailey and I think they turned out perfectly!


the bailey was born!

Today I completed my first dog from The Bailey pattern.  Very excited about this since it is actually modeled from Elizabeth's beautiful dog, Bailey!  This is the original one that will be custom, as Bailey has a bit of Cocker Spaniel in her.  The others in the making are modeled after actual Cavalier King Charles profiles.
Miss Bailey posing with her own custom doggy!


who likes chocolate?

4 chocolate labs are complete!

day 3, pup 2

Last night I finished my second pup and I figured out a better way to sew the outside so that I can stuff it properly.  I'm pleased with the way it turned out and like it better than the first one!  Here they are together!


i think i can, i think i can...

My first pup is complete, after several struggling moments.  I'm so pleased with it.  I think he's a cutie pie and will probably never part with him :)  I have 3 more that are half-way complete and all different!  The Captain pattern works perfectly if the material is right!  After I finish these other 3 pups, I will be trying out The Bailey pattern and hopefully it will be a success because I already have an order for 2 of her!


let the frustration begin!

Trying to get a few things that the grocery store with two little boys under 2 years old is a task, so I'm not sure why I thought today would be any different.  I made a list of things I would need to get started with a few dogs, and could barely even concentrate enough to read the list in the store!  I should have waited for a day when I could go alone, because not only would it have saved hours, but it would have been more productive and pleasurable.
Regardless of today's shopping shenanigans, I've managed to collect myself at the kitchen table with all my "supplies" for several hours to see what works and what doesn't.  I'm learning that what I thought might work, won't and somethings are definitely harder than I assumed they would be.  This is true with most things, so I will keep at it until I get a prototype that I am pleased with.  Besides, what else am I doing?  I've got to find the best, easiest, cheapest way to make these suckers without losing my sanity.  I feel certain that I can.
 Labels are made... super easy!

This first stab at it makes me want to toss it in the trash.  This is NOT what the finished product will be.


every new beginning...

As a stay at home mother, I've decided that it's time to do something with my art degree.  Usually that would mean painting or drawing something unique for a friend, but with my two little boys and a husband who runs his own company, I don't have 3 hours to sit in one spot.  After being basically snowed in for almost a week, my brain began to spin and I decided to take my love for animals and my ability to create something from scratch and get to work!  So, Easel-y Erin was born.  Obviously I wanted to stick to my roots and use "easel" in my new creation and it just happened to go so perfectly with my name!  I've got some ideas for completely unique and hand-sewn canine (and possibly other pets) plush dolls.  I will call them dolls for now because I'm not sure how durable my idea will be for a child to play with.

My husband and I share this love for pets and we have a good number of fuzzy babies surrounding us.  In the past few months, one of our eldest babies (13 year old chocolate lab) was relieved from his pain and joined doggy Heaven.  Not very long after that, tragically, our ONLY 5 year old dachshund (who lived, slept, and rode everywhere with us) became paralyzed within only a day from a herniated disc and also joined our chocolate lab.  This has been devastating for us and I hope to take some of the sadness and channel it into a positive project that will touch other animal lovers.  Each pet will be different and unique, making it your own.  I hope that these will be a great addition to a kids room, or just something special to hug in memory/honor of a special fuzzy baby of your own. I'm excited about my new idea and have no clue as to a time frame for this project!

Today I created my very own templates in Illustrator for 4 dog patterns.  Each pattern will have a special name and can be used again.

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