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UGA 2t available soon on Etsy

I've bought entirely too much fabric for some outfits for my boys and I will be making some extra shorts/tshirt sets with the fabric- which is great for my Easely Erin fans who have little boys!  I'm working on some outfits this week and will also be giving one away possibly next week!!!  That's right, I said it, "GIVE AWAY!!!!"  I will also be giving away a purse or wallet (haven't decided which yet!).  Stay tuned for more info!!


Dabbling in some clothes... again!

I struggled to make Easter outfits for my boys a while back and realized that clothing isn't really my forte!  I'm super comfortable with bags and other things...  BUT, I'm about as hard-headed as they come and when I want to succeed at something, I DO IT.  So, with a little encouragement from the best seamstress/children's clothing designer I know, Amy Norris (owner of Brownie-Goose), I kept trying.  I don't have any desire to make little girls clothing, so if you like those kind of items, PLEASE check out her page on Facebook and visit her Etsy store often for the most gorgeous children's outfits!  With all that being said, I've once again attempted my own pair of boy shorts after testing out a new Brownie-Goose pattern (available on Etsy) for some tree-hugger shorts.  I honestly just want Elton to have some cute hand-made shorts and appliqued matching t-shirts for him to wear to school in August.  And I made some really cute things!  There is leftover fabric, so if you like this sort of thing, I can definitely make it again.  And I bought some UGA and Georgia Tech (which burned my fingers off...haha) fabric that I will be doing some cute things with soon.

And DO NOT fret, a NEW HANDBAG design is in the works as of today and I'm SO excited to get started on that this weekend!!!  LOVE pretty things!  Here's my precious model in his new little outfits!

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